Membership Into DCBC

DCBC Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of the Month on the 2nd Floor of the Green Lantern, 3PM – 5PM

So how can I join DCBC?
DCBC conducts itself much like a fraternity (as all the other Leather Clubs do) and as such has membership requirements known only to Active Members of the Club. The membership process is strictly internal, and it is only during the Closed Sessions of our Monthly Membership Meetings that we discuss potential members and membership issues. That said, here is how the process works:

  1. If you are interested in becoming a member of DCBC, you start by telling one or more of the Active Members that you wish to join the Club.
  2. Those members will inform the Membership Coordinator, who will bring it up during the Closed Session.
  3. The Active Membership will discuss each month how you have demonstrated your interest in the Club and eventually some Active Members will step forward and agree to sponsor you for membership.
  4. They will encourage you to participate in Club functions, and introduce you to all the Active Members so they may get to know you.
  5. After a majority of members have indicated that they agree you have fulfilled the membership requirements, you are asked if you will accept membership in DCBC.
  6. It is then your choice to say Yes or No.
  7. This process can take from four to eight months.

  8. Please Note: The above is just a description of how the process works, but the actual process is kept strictly confidential and discussed only amongst Active Members of the Club. At no time will you be told that you have sponsors or that you are even being discussed for potential membership, as the process is internal. However, as long as Club members continue to encourage you to participate in Club events, that is a strong indication that the we are aware of your desire to be a member, and are discussing it at our meetings.

  9. Examples of demonstrating interest in the Club: Attend meetings, participate in Club bar nights, volunteer to help the Club at bar nights (serve beer, sell jell-o shots, etc.), participate in non-bar related Club events (Pride Day, pool parties, road trips, etc.), socialize with Club members outside of Club functions, volunteer at Bear Invasion, join the Friends of DCBC yahoogroup, etc.